“''...beautifully crafted and produced...a major talent.''--- Jack Douglas (Producer: John Lennon, The Who, Miles Davis, Aerosmith etc.)”

“Combination of intellect and intuition..among a handful of Indian musicians who are trying to break the Western stereo­type that they have to play sitars or tablas, or sing Bollywood and bhangra numbers...shows production skills that a veteran would be proud of.”--- TimeOut India

''....heady stuff.... Improvisation sparked off by completely random audience interaction...bloody magical.''--- NME India

''Aufregend und einfach unerhört gut''-- Jury, Bremer Jazzpreis 2012

''...stunning''--Wild City, India

''...sounds like Stevie Wonder on acid!'' -- Rez Abbasi

''...full - as in fulfillment - and that's all I want to hear in music. And you have it here.'' -- Amit Chatterjee

''....It is hard not to be mesmerized by the beautiful complexities dished out (by) T.L. Mazumdar.'' -- Whats The Scene India

“''The only Germany-based representative of Indian Electronic music''---IMCRadio Hamburg

“..multi-faceted, multi-talented and encompasses everything that is fresh and contemporary in the music business today”---
Blue Frog, Mumbai

“''The earliest pioneer of the fringe and experimental side of electronic music in Kolkata''.”--- HUB - Indian Electronica Yearbook Project

“An incredible talent. A thrilling album. An artist who, in short, just has it.”---- esmusslautersein.blogspot.com

''..charismatischen Ausnahmemusiker'' -- GEA.de