I'm a Multi-Instrumentalist/Singer-Songwriter/Producer-Composer whose first instruments are Keyboards/Vocals.

I grew up in North Africa, UK, India and Germany. Thats 4 countries and 3 continents, so I'm culturally schizophrenic and a quintissential TCK .

I have primarily been representing the countries India and Germany at international festivals and events since over a decade now and call both countries homes I feel out of place in. Which is why I keep moving regularly between the same.

My music has been called many names. I don't really understand names. They tend to confuse me and I usually forget them. All I try to do is to unite the nerd who spent most of his life studying music with the dreamer who wants to sing for a crowd with a battered guitar. Both are me.

I released my second album titled BUeC (short for 'Bideshi Uebersetzungs Collective) on 1st of May 2014.. The process was executed over 3 years in 4 different countries with 12 different musicians with roots in Jazz, Alternative, Electronic and East Indian Classical music. 

I currently live and work as Live/Studio Musician, Artist, Composer and Educator between Germany and India. 

For a list of notable collaborations, performances, and other boring stuff, please click here